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Rakkaholics Anonymous is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Mordecai. It becomes available after Wildlife Preservation is complete. The booze that Mordecai wants is fastened to the roof of a moonshiner van that races around The Dust. The moonshiner

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28/9/2012 · *Please note that the rewards may vary, and will not be the same as shown. And the featured pistol has a life leech perk per dealt damage! Short video featuring Rakkaholic Anonymous rewards. [Soundtrack]: Mae West –

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25/6/2015 · Blocked Missions Note: As you progress through the story, this mission can be blocked. You cannot select the mission or turn it in when that occurs. However, the mission will be unblocked after you complete the Main Quests

The Sloth is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Dahl in Borderlands 2. Sloth can be obtained by giving the booze to Mordecai in the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous. Yeah, booze’ll do that to ya – Increased damage and reduced bullet speed.

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10/3/2013 · The booze that Mordecai wants is fastened to the roof of a moonshiner van that races around The Dust. The moonshiner is slower than a light runner and travels the Dust in a counter-clockwise circuit that loops

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30/1/2013 · now, in 2016, the Grog Nozzle is easy to get, and is much more powerful than Rubi, so Sloth (the sniper rifle) is potentially a decent choice (assuming you like the characteristics of a Dahl Sniper, which I personally don’t). [credits to Nakos]

Rakkaholics Anonymous (Spoilers) User Info: BigSharkZ BigSharkZ 7 years ago #1 So I just finished this quest but I’m not sure on who to turn in. First of all, I love both Moxxi and Mordecai. They’re my favorite Borderlands characters so I can’t choose out of

59 Rakkaholics Anonymous Mordecai對bloodwing的死很傷心,他想要些酒,去The Dust 攔截一輛裝滿酒的車輛。 就是這輛叫Moonshiner的車,追著它打。注意會出現很多強盜車輛阻截你。 然後這車會掉出酒桶。一直打直到它掉出10個,然後收集好,可以選擇

Rakkaholics Anonymous Glitch – wrong weapon [] There is a bug where after getting the beer, the first person you talk to (Moxxi or Mordecai) is the one whom’s weapon you get, even if you end up turning it in to the other NPC.

On this page of the game guide to Borderlands 2 you will find a detailed description of the side mission titled Rakkaholics Anonymous. You can start this quest in the Sanctuary location after completing the main mission named Wildlife Preservation.

(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.) Mordecai: Bloodwing’s dead, Jack’s nearly got the Vault open I dunno about you, but I need a drink. Or, more like a lot of drinks. The Hodunks run rakk-ale out of The Dust — blast the kegs off one of their booze runners and get

I was hoping to get Mordecai’s sniper rifle, but I talked to Moxxi beforehand about another quest. I did not turn [Rakkaholics Anonymous] into her, but the game glitched out and thought that I did. When I walked up to Mordecai, he handed me her pistol instead of

失意の Mordecai(Rakkaholics Anonymous) ミッション 開始 保護区 完了後 Mordecai から依頼 目的 ビールの樽を入手:10 Mordecai に酒を持っていく または Moxxi に酒を持っていく 完了報告 場所 The Dust 報告先 Moxxi もしくは Mordecai 報酬

3/2/2016 · Rubi是Mordecai支線Rakkaholics Anonymous 的獎勵,任務完成後找Moxxi交差,Rubi有四種屬性,利用2p手把跟雲端備份功能,可以洗出想要的屬性槍。我的槍狂現在是一手Rubi,一手DPUH

Rakkaholics Anonymous Rock, Paper, Genocide Rockos Modern Strife Safe and Sound Shielded Favors Shoot This Guy in the Face Showdown Slap Happy Splinter Group Stalker of Stalkers Statuesque Swallowed Whole Symbiosis The Bane The Chosen One

Once again, i’m stuck at a split decision. I just got 10 kegs of Rakk Ale for Moracai, but then Moxxxi contacted me and said she’s give me her revolver “Rubi” if i bring her the ale instead. Mordecai said he’ll give me one of his sniper rifles if i bring it to him. Who

In Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous, given the events in Wildlife Preservation, where his bird Bloodwing is killed, Mordecai wants us to get him some booze from The Dust area. Description Given what happened to Bloodwing, Mordecai wants to get superbly

It’s the reward from Rakkaholics Anonymous. Instead of turning over the booze to Mordecai, give it to Moxxi and she’ll reward you with Rubi. Continue this thread level 2 greatjamama Original Poster 2 points · 6 years ago It is. You get it from completing the

Rakkaholics Anonymous Head to the Dust and catch a ride. Chase the moonshiner van and keep shooting at it until it drops 10 barrels of booze. Collect these and deliver them to either Mordecai or Moxxi. Your choice.

For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Rakkaholics Anonymous SPOILERS”. Thanks! Would you happen to recall the damage of Rubi? I have a pistol that currently does 224 damage, but it also has the additional perk of

59 Rakkaholics Anonymous Mordecai对bloodwing的死很伤心,他想要些酒,去The Dust拦截一辆装满酒的车辆。 就是这辆叫Moonshiner的车,追着它打。注意会出现很多强盗车辆阻截你。 然后这车会掉出酒桶。一直打直到它掉出10个,然后收集好,可以选择交给

Rakkaholics Anonymous (self.Borderlands) submitted 2 years ago by TheresEyeInMyDirt Disregarding the rewards, who would you bring the booze to, Mordecai, or Moxxi? Personally I’d bring it to Mordecai, I know that kind of loss, and it’s not something you

Rakkaholics Anonymous (spoilers?) User Info: LinkElfice510 LinkElfice510 7 years ago #1 Which weapon is better, Mordecai’s old sniper rifle, or Rubi? I’m playing as Zer0 and I’ve been focusing on the Sniping skill tree so my first instinct is to go for the sniper .7

20/10/2012 · In Borderlands 2, if we speak to Mordecai in Sanctuary after Wildlife Preservation story mission, we can get some optional missions and one of these missions is Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous. In Borderlands 2 Rakkaholics Anonymous,

Mad Moxxi is an NPC mission provider. She is the hostess of the Colosseum matches in The Underdome in Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, and the owner of various bars on Pandora. Moxxi could be summed up with the words sadistic, lustful, alluring, and

掉落:Rakkaholics Anonymous任务选择将酒交给Mordecai获得。可能带有多样的元素效果及不同配件和前缀。备注:红字来自醉酒的影响。名字可能源自基督教七宗罪之一懒惰,亦可能源于动物树懒的名字。参考资料:百度百科-无主之地2

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掉落:Rakkaholics Anonymous任务选择将酒交给Mordecai获得。可能带有多样的元素效果及不同配件和前缀。备注:红字来自醉酒的影响。名字可能源自基督教七宗罪之一懒惰,亦可能源于动物树懒的名字。参考资料:百度百科-无主之地2

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Rakkaholics Anonymous problem (can’t turn quest in) User Info: Starscream13 Starscream13 7 years ago #1 You have a choice to turn the mission in to Moxxi or Mordecai. The problem is it’s only giving me the option to to turn it in to Mordecai. How do I get the

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Borderlands 2 Miss Moxxi’s Rubi Borderlands 2: Miss Moxxi’s Rubi Page Discussion Edit History More What links here A rare pistol in Borderlands 2 Miss Moxxi’s Rubi is a rare pistol in Borderlands 2 It is the reward for the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous

Help with Rakkaholics Anonymous quest turn in. (self.Borderlands) submitted 6 years ago by Acid_Krunk For some reason I cannot turn the quest in to Moxxi. I can turn it in to Mordecai but if I try to turn it in to Moxxi she just asks if I’ve finished that job for her I

rakkaholics anonymous rewards for both borderlands 2? asked 6 years ago in General by anonymous borderlands-2 0 votes 0 answers What are the rewards you get for mission rakkaholics anonymous borderlands 2? asked 6 years ago in General by 0 0 asked

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31/3/2013 · Miss Moxxi’s Rubi Pistol – Complete Rakkaholics Anonymous, choosing Moxxi (not Mordecai) to get this pistol Miss Moxxi’s Heart Breaker Shotgun – Complete Safe and Sound Miss Moxxi’s Creamer Rocket Launcher – Complete Wave 5 in the DLC Kiss of .

21/12/2012 · 鲁比是疯狂莫西奖励给玩家的一把手枪。在Rakkaholics Anonymous任务中选择给她Hodunk alcohol 即可获得。 特殊效果:高元素伤害(类型可变),每次消耗2个弹头,持有时造成的元素DOT伤害可以恢复生命。 备注:莫西曾在地下竞技场(1代DLC2)丢失了这

Because the Sloth is a Dahl sniper, I actually use it un-scoped quite often, or pop into scope for a 1/2 second to get a burst off, but at short range. I got my first Sloth last night, just to check it out, and mine is slag, so it’s been really fun essentially using it as an